Free Run

Hi Pagosa Runners, and welcome to the Pagosa Area Running Club 2011 race season!

We at the Pagosa Area Running Club (PARC) are excited to present to you the new rules and regulations that we have adopted for our 2011 race calendar courtesy of the New Mexico Endurance Series, and the Colorado Endurance Series bike races.

The brains behind the PARC got together and decided that since our annual budget is $0.00, and since it seemed that the entire world’s annual budget is also $0.00, we needed to come up with a plan where we could put on super fun running events at bargain basement prices.

We did not have to look far for a super idea.  Thanks to Lenny Goodell of the New Mexico Endurance Series (NMES) bike races, and Matt in Durango–who not only “runs” the Colorado Endurance Series (CES), but also founded the Endurance Series races–we have been given permission to borrow the rules and regulations for their bike races and tailor them to be used to govern our 2011 foot races.

Thank you very much, Matt and Lenny for your incredible generosity.  We hope we make you proud.

The main thing you need to know about the endurance series races is that they are non-commercial.  This means that there is no entry fee, there are no prizes, the races are unsupported, and generally admission is limited to 74 participants.  This also means that racers are entirely responsible for their own safety and well being while racing.  This includes things like knowing where you are going, being able to handle the course, having enough food, water and gear to get you through the race, and other things like that.

This also means that we can hold races on some of the most beautiful terrain in the San Juan Mountains!  And that is worth it’s weight in gold.  Believe me, you will not be disappointed.  (Well, maybe, but that will be because you will find yourself wanting more!)

Most of all, we want to hear from you.  We know that most of you are familiar with the San Juan Mountains and that many of you already have favorite runs.  We would love for you to submit your run route to be used for future PARC races.  Each race submission that is used in our future race series will be named after the person who submitted it.  Even better, submit your own name for your race submission!

So there you have it Pagosa Runners, the 2011 run club REvision.


For a better understanding of the non-commercial approach to racing, please read the rules and regulations.

Thanks for being a part of PARC.


-we are new at this, and so welcome advice, help, criticism, and free-will beer

-we will be available to answer all questions, and take all advice on the forum

-we have a facebook page under: pagosarunner where we will post race media